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Page last updated: 22 March 2016

Centre for Integrated Marketing

Welcome to the Centre for Integrated Marketing website, a centre for knowledge, insights and excellence in the new discipline of Integrated Marketing. Integrated Marketing is a holistic discipline that involves the whole organisation in developing high-value brand experiences for all stakeholders.

The Centre was based at the University of Bedfordshire from the end of 2001 until June 2011 and was the first in the world to be focused on this domain. It is now independent but continues to share insights and strategic tools for senior marketers and their agencies. It also undertakes funded research, capacity building and change management projects with commercial standards of ROI, practicality and innovation, but academic rigour. Angus Jenkinson, a world authority in the field,  has led the Centre since its foundation. There are case studies, papers, presentations and more.

Our research suggests that almost any firm or brand could achieve a 10-25% improvement in marketing performance though practice of the methods we discuss here. He had developed a number of practical tools and processes that make this feasible and efficient to achieve.

Please sign up to get occasional advisory briefings and news of new material, which we send every one or two months. Angus Jenkinson also writes a blog. We are also very happy to add and credit your relevant content if you would like to submit it.

Finally, you will find a growing number of links to interesting and useful sites and material on the 'Contact Us' page. Give us your suggestions too.

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