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Page last updated: 21 April 2015

About the Centre for Integrated Marketing

The Centre for Integrated Marketing is a global leader and the world's first in its field. Its director is Angus Jenkinson.  

The Centre has been funded by industry since 2001 to contribute practical insights to integrated marketing practice.

Angus Jenkinson was appointed professor the University of Bedfordshire (then Luton) in 2002, when the Centre was established. The association ended on June 3, 2011, when the Centre became an independent centre of excellence and a think tank exploring insights into organization and marketing integration. However, there are numerous papers on the site related to the period when it was part of the University.

The Centre has won considerable praise, for example:

The work the Centre has done, and continues to do, should be of relevance to every Marketer.
-Andrew Molle, Marketing Director, Specsavers

The Centre for Integrated Marketing has quickly built a reputation for the finest research and evaluation in an exciting and important field.
-John Grounds, Director of Communications, NSPCC

Truly Integrated Marketing is the holy grail for the marketer. The Centre for Integrated Marketing provides a path to achieve it with a facility unrivalled in the UK.
-Colin Green, Marketing Director, Land Rover UK

It has researched over 30 leading brands including: AA, AOL, British Gas, EURO RSCG, Ford StreetKa, Harley Davidson, i2, IBM, IDM, Lloyds TSB, Lush, Ogilvy, Royal Bank of Scotland, The National Trust, Sainsbury's, SEEBOARD Energy, Specsavers, and WRC.

Solid research

As the world's pioneer and a leader in integrated marketing, our research evidence includes not only established end emerging theoretical and evidence based best practice from the UK and around the world, but also research into over 30 major brands, including IBM, Olympus, Royal Bank of Scotland, Centrica, and the Automobile Association, the National Trust, Novartis, Amazon, and AOL, exciting niche organisations and leading agency networks.

It is also based on best practice projects with significant groups of senior marketers. Professor Angus Jenkinson

A project with a group of some 20 senior marketers, the Media Neutral Planning Best Practice Group, sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), led to the development of Open Planning, the leading solution-neutral integrated communications planning method. More information is available at the Open Planning site, The findings were featured by the CIM as one of their strategic Shape the Agenda papers. Papers have been published by the Marketing Society, the IDM, several Journals and magazines.

Angus Jenkinson

A project with 200 UK brands developed the world's leading Integrated Marketing benchmark audit. The results, published in 2005 as Winning with Customers (see Documents), highlights UK plc's opportunities for business improvement spelling out precisely how to achieve them. This assessment tool indicates over one hundred key pressure points, with a statistically proven model of business performance and a benchmark of Integrated Marketing practice in the UK. The study has been replicated in the USA by Don Schultz and his team at Kellogg School, Northwestern and other studies in other countries are scheduled.

Industry contribution

Angus Jenkinson and the Centre have made many contributions to the industry, advising MCCA and other industry groups, participating in numerous conferences and corporate briefings. In particular there has been a substantial partnership with the IDM, including substantial contributions to the design and course materials for the IDM's Diploma in Digital Marketing, 2005, Diploma in Interactive and Direct Marketing, 2001, and the Certificate in CRM, 2002. Angus Jenkinson was made an Honorary Life Fellow of the IDM in 2009.

He was the lead designer and course developer for the IDM's Diploma in IMC (launched 2007) described as, "A new qualification - for a new way of thinking, about a new way of marketing, to a new breed of customer". It is the first, and only professional qualification designed specifically for today's customer driven, interactive economy and has received tremendous support from both sides of the Atlantic:

"At last, a practical new professional qualification that tackles the real issues of creating integrated marketing communications, centred around the customer and the brand."
Hugh Burkitt, CEO, Marketing Society

"I believe the IDMs new IMC qualification could save any marketer years of trial and error in the pursuit of Integrated Marketing."
Peter Sieyes, Global Relationship Marketing Director, Diageo

"Integrated Marketing is a basic imperative in todays congested marketplace, those who dont will waste valuable resources."
Chris Reid, NUI Director of Propositions, Norwich Union

"The IDM IMC Diploma comes at exactly the right time. As we move to a multi dimensional and multi disciplined approach to our marketing communications we need to expand our understanding of all media and how they work together."
Andrew Hammond, Dip DM, Head of Marketing Communications, Royal Mail

"The new IDM curriculum advances a revolutionary, customer based approach to communication planning, implementation and measurement. Through this expertly conceived and logically structured curriculum, students will become thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges of the new push-pull marketplace. They will be the first generation of professionally qualified Integrated Marketing Communications practitioners."
Professor Don Schultz

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Key tools

The Centre has developed or co-developed important tools. These include: 18-STEPS is a process and strategy toolkit for the implementation of integrated marketing;  CODAR®, a universal communication planning tool; ID, an Integrated Marketing assessment and development tool and benchmark database. See our Integrated Marketing overview for further details.


The Centre undertakes research projects of value to marketers in the field of integrated marketing. These include best practice case studies, solutions to marketing challenges, assessments of brand/firm performance and then disseminates findings. We can take on custom funded projects for clients and actively seek sponsorship partners. We have also collaborated/partnered with major industry groups such as the CIM, IDM and MCCA on development projects for members.

We also offer or run briefings, key notes, education, and conferences.

Angus Jenkinson

Angus Jenkinson was appointed professor of the University of Bedfordshire (then Luton) in 2002. The appointment naturally terminated in 2010 and the association ended in June 2011. He has a multi/trans-disciplinary background and has made significant contributions to the fields of research, customer marketing, marketing database/CRM design, media neutral planning and integrated marketing. He was educated in Zimbabwe, Edinburgh (Scotland),  and Oxford University. After an early career in teaching he joined IBM in 1978 where he gained a further 12 months of formal business and technical education. From 1984 to 1986 he was Marketing & Sales Director/ Divisional General Manager, JBA International plc. Angus was responsible for national marketing and line manager of a new division, which within 18 months contributed over 50% of revenue and profits, contributing to the firm becoming European market leader in the IBM mid-range computer space for ERP systems.

From 1986 to 1991 he was CEO of The Computing Group (since acquired by Rapp), converting a small loss-making computing team into European category leader in CRM and database marketing services within 2 years, heading industry growth rates for five years with 25% per annum productivity improvements. A variety of technology and service innovations in strategy, technology, pricing and account management defined new industry practice and benchmarks.

In 1991, Angus formed Stepping Stones Consultancy Ltd and since then, in collaboration with colleagues and partners, has implemented a wide variety of marketing and business development projects focusing on brand/organization alignment and enriched customer experience. Clients have included IBM, NSPCC, UNICEF, Acxiom, British School of Motoring, Capital Region of Denmark, Thomson Holidays, Novartis, OgilvyOne, Pitney Bowes, Roche, Masterfoods, Vodafone, and WWF. He was also principal expert for the IDM on progressively database marketing, customer loyalty, CRM and IMC. In 2012 the company rebranded to Stellar Global Partnership,

Angus has published more than 150 practitioner and academic papers, articles, briefings and cases including substantial coursework contributions. In 1995, he published Valuing Your Customers and, in 2004, From Stress to Serenity, a leadership development book. Industry innovations that he has generated or co-developed include: touchpoints (moments of truth) as a database marketing and CRM design tool (1986)); consumer ‘pen portraits' or personas (1993); attitudinal based communities versus segmentation (1993); ‘next best action/next best question' (1995); ‘day in the life' business system specification (1995); CODAR® and universal communication planning (2002); Stellar® (2004); and the Open Planning Process (2005). He and the Centre were profiled in the March 2004 CIM magazine, marketing business.

His collaborative research partnership with Richard Leachman, beginning in the 1990s, is one of the most important aspects of his work. During the period 2002-2004, this led to the pioneer development of Stellar®. Stellar is an integrated approach to whole organisation management and a fundamental tool of integrated marketing.  The core IP has been released on an open-to-use basis and many individuals and firms on five continents have taken advantage of this. The Stellar practitioner network co-operates in its further evolution (see  We set up to do this.

He is a founder and Honorary Life Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of the RSA. He was on the management group of the Association for Social Development from 2002 to 2005. He is is a trustee or active in several not-for-profit organisations. Angus is also an enthusiastic and award-winning semi-pro photographer and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Other key contributors

Dr Branko Sain was an important team member from 2003-2005. His contribution to many findings and models is much appreciated. Dr Sain now lives in Spain.

Kevin Bishop was made a visiting professor of the University from 2004-09 in recognition of his work with the Centre. Since 2009 he has been IBM's worldwide Vice President of Brand System and IBMer Enablement. He was responsible for IBM's Centennial organization in 2011.  

Mrs Katie Bennett played an important role as an administrator during the period 2002-4 and her contribution to our sanity and productivity was vital.

We collaborated with many individuals on the Open Planning project. Their names are recorded on the dedicated site at The include key team members from Masterfoods, NSPCC, Vauxhall, Lloyds TSB, Wunderman, Cricket and MindShare.

Example Integrated Marketer of the Year award

Each of our case studies has involved significant contributions from individuals in a co-learning context. We particularly note Integrated Marketers of the Year: Nigel Samuels of SEEBOARD Energy, John Grounds of the NSPCC and Nick Smith of British Gas.

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