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Page last updated: 21 September 2012


The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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10/10/2006 Stellar and Nokia Case Studies This case study, developed for illustration purposes, shows how Stellar might be deployed as a communication tool in an organisation to explain its beautifully unique characteristics and strategy. With thanks to Nokia. Stellar is a registered trade mark of Stellar Ltd which holds the IP. More
01/02/2006 IBM in the City: 5% of TV budget yeilds 7000% ROI Case Studies IBM allowed its UK subsidiary to take a small part of the TV budget and use it in an integrated campaign to improve its share of bsuiness in the City of London. The resulting integrated solution produced dramatic ROI results More
04/08/2005 The tailor may not be tailoring its communications Case Studies When a brand like Gieves and Hawkes communicates individually, it should demonstrate the noble art of tailored relevance. More
04/08/2005 Guidant has been investing in its most important comms medium Case Studies When your sales people are the top medium, the brand manager should think about coaching as a communications enhancement tool More
04/08/2005 Harley don't just integrate comms, they integrate the business Case Studies Legendary Harley Davidson have built their brand performance on company-wide integrated marketing More
04/08/2005 Direct takes the lead in integrating the National Trust Case Studies The direct team took a lead in developing the brand signature helping to integrate Britains' favourite membership organisation. CODAR shows their planning strategy More
04/08/2005 Health and beauty brand Weleda integrate brand and culture Case Studies Weleda is a small 'pure products' brand competing against giants. Strong products and culture mean that they naturally put integrated marketing into practice and win superloyal customers More
01/04/2005 Amazon: bonding customers with technology Case Studies Amazonís interest in technology is in how it delviers customer value. Their method involves best practice in integrated marketing and customer management. More
01/04/2005 Harley-Davidson: Organisation Led Integrated Marketing Case Studies Anyone literate in Marketing is likely to respect the marketing achievement of Harley-Davidson in its marketing transformation from a no-hoper to one of the great brands of the Western world: an achievement that began not with agencies but with employees. $100 invested in Harley stock in 1986 was worth slightly more than $7,000 by the end of 1998 and the company continues to succeed. This was achieved by a revolution across the organisation centred everyone on re-invigorating the brand and its promise of value. More
26/06/2004 Implementing Integrated Marketing: Seeboard Energy Case Study Case Studies This paper by Jenkinson and Sain was published in an academic/practitioner Journal describes the 18 steps to integrated marketing as evidenced at this award-winning energy company, now part of EDF Energy. More
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