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Page last updated: 21 September 2012


The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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23/01/2004 IBM - A new model for IMC Case Studies IBM UK implemented a new customer focus structure for its IMC department responsible for all marketing communications. The result is better communication, better learning and better results. More
09/12/2003 Challenges to achieving competitiveness Reports and White Papers List of barriers to communication success. More
09/12/2003 A fragmented world Reports and White Papers Identifies the dysfunctions of today’s marketing and makes the case for integration. More
09/12/2003 Unified Communications Thinking Reports and White Papers This short paper by Jenkinson and Sain of the Centre for Integrated Marketing captures the core principles for an integrated approach to communication. More
02/12/2003 How a client and agency easily manage to be disintegrated Case Studies The mode of working between client and so-called integrated agency often leads to very poor integrated planning. The problems are power, money and old thinking. This automobile industry case documents an example. More
02/12/2003 In praise of MNP Reports and White Papers This preliminary paper published in CIM's Critical Marketer (2002) argues that marketing communications need bold thinking to meet today’s challenges, and that media neutral planning is the forum of the future to get us there. More
14/11/2003 MNP Propositions: research findings Reports and White Papers Between fourth-quarter 2003 and first quarter 2005 a group of senior marketers worked with the Centre for Integrated Marketing to identify key principles for the new media neutral integrated communications. These propositions were identified and agreed as part of the research programme. More
06/11/2003 The Automobile Association: How a big idea put the AA back together Case Studies This case study explores the importance of a strong and coherent organising idea that works across the whole organisation. In 1993 the AA launched an advertising campaign based on the strapline: the 4th emergency service. This campaign achieved considerable recognition, but it also proved to be dysfunctional in one key respect: it was not true to the whole organisation. More
03/11/2003 Lush, the scent of success Case Studies Passionate commitment and clarity of values ensures Lush communicates a coherent brand message that bonds customers and their friends to the brand. More
12/09/2003 Principles for the new communication planning Reports and White Papers 18 principles identified by the MNP Best Practice Group for successful media neutral integrated communication planning. These are presented without discussion More
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