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The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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20/09/2012 Beyond Segmentation, Angus Jenkinson Reports and White Papers 1994 paper by Angus Jenkinson outlines the basics of loyalty-based database marketing and community based segmentation More
31/01/2010 How to create successful service brand relationships Reports and White Papers SOURCE Berry, L.L, Discovering the Soul of Service. New York: The Free Press, 1999, Chapter 10 More
31/01/2010 Integrated/Offensive Marketing Audit Reports and White Papers Davidson says: Let us take a look at the individual ingredients of ‘offensive marketing’ (an aspect of Integrated Marketing) in broad terms. He describes the POISE aspects and provides an audit tool More
31/08/2009 Publications by Angus Jenkinson Reports and White Papers Publications by Prof Angus Jenkinson and colleagues at the Centre for Integrated Marketing More
26/08/2009 Tough markets require peak performance Reports and White Papers Both corporate and product brands operate within competitive markets. Players watch and copy each other’s moves. Genuinely different and better patented inventions can help to defend against this but the general consequence is that customers end up concluding there is broad parity. Is there a defence against this? More
17/03/2009 CFIM Bibliography Reports and White Papers An edited selection of books and papers that have been influential in our work. Sadly there are probably as many not included as included. More
28/03/2008 Forum for the Future Reports and White Papers The mission of Forum for the Future is to accelerate the building of a sustainable way of life,taking a positive,solutions-oriented approach. Sustainability must be an element of integrated marketing More
27/03/2008 Integrated Marketing for Personalised Marketing Strategies Reports and White Papers This is part two of two seminal papers by professors Jenkinson and Jenkinson and Mathews that focus on integrated marketing strategy, practice and management issues relevant to personalised marketing strategies for digital, customer management, CRM and direct marketing communities. This paper focuses on application practice and tools. However it also includes important information on integrated marketing practice relevant to all business leaders. Practically oriented, it looks at methods for implementing Integrated Marketing More
27/02/2008 Integrated Marketing Practice in the UK Reports and White Papers This paper introduces the largest ever academic research project into best practice in integrated marketing. Featuring a study of 200 UK brands carried out by the Centre for Integrated Marketing it explores questions like: What factors lead to great Integrated Marketing? How effective are UK brands and firms? How can you audit success? The insights were originally shared to CFIM members at a conference and then published academically in 2007. More
01/10/2007 Strategic Marketing and Integrated Marketing: Philippe Naert Reports and White Papers Notes taken from Philippe Naert, Strategic Marketing (1990); pub. Video Management, Brussels. It is an early approach to the role of integrated marketing More
27/07/2007 CODAR, IMC and Touchpoint Planning - methods and NSPCC practice Reports and White Papers The challenge with IMC is how practically to do it. This important paper by Prof Angus Jenkinson ("Evolutionary implications for touchpoint planning as a result of neuroscience: A practical fusion of database marketing and advertising") describes a practical approach, with applicability across all channels. More
03/01/2007 How to use information to manage customer experience? Reports and White Papers This published paper by Jenkinson (Do organisations now understand the importance of information in providing excellent customer experience?) explores best practice in applying customer information to the creation of value. It argues that although the fundamental principles of applying data to customer experience and marketing were understood by the early 1990s, many companies have still failed to take advantage of information to optimise customer experience and profitability. Gives examples of good practice. More
30/11/2006 John Singer on marketing networks Reports and White Papers Singer argues in this MIT Sloan paper that we need to move from a narrow concept of brand to a system-wide approach to strategy in which the network, like an ecological system, in which the organisation is placed is central to marketing strategy. An ecological approach has good history as a framework to marketing strategy and is relevant to the 'whole organisation' approach of Integrated Marketing More
18/10/2006 Leadership, change and peak performance Reports and White Papers This short paper by Angus Jenkinson explores the role of leadership in integrated marketing, and in particular the process of creating "self-actualisation" in organisations. It was published online by the customer management community More
18/10/2006 Executing Peak Performance Reports and White Papers This short discussion by Prof Angus Jenkinson is part two of the discussion begun in the paper Leadership, Change and Peak Performance. Here describes key steps for executing peak performance, principally around understanding and developing a unique value capability of the organisation. More
10/10/2006 Stellar Tool Overview Reports and White Papers Stellar is a powerful value, strategy, identity and brand management architecture and toolkit co-developed by the Centre for Integrated Marketing. This provides a brief overview. Stellar is a registered trademark. More
10/10/2006 Stellar and Nokia Case Studies This case study, developed for illustration purposes, shows how Stellar might be deployed as a communication tool in an organisation to explain its beautifully unique characteristics and strategy. With thanks to Nokia. Stellar is a registered trade mark of Stellar Ltd which holds the IP. More
01/02/2006 How Stellar revealed the lack of fit between AA and British Gas Reports and White Papers This case study reveals some research by the Centre using the Stellar tool when we were working with Centrica: research which highlighted the lack of fit between its two main companies, leading in due course to divestment of AA in 2004. More
01/02/2006 IBM in the City: 5% of TV budget yeilds 7000% ROI Case Studies IBM allowed its UK subsidiary to take a small part of the TV budget and use it in an integrated campaign to improve its share of bsuiness in the City of London. The resulting integrated solution produced dramatic ROI results More
23/01/2006 Winning with Customers Reports and White Papers The world's largest study of Integrated Marketing identified the performance of 200 UK brands and how to improve. More
01/01/2006 CFIM credentials Presentations A most immodest collection of positive statements about the Centre for Integrated Marketing by people who have worked with it. More
14/11/2005 Optimising Communications for Charity Brand Management Reports and White Papers The paper by Angus Jenkinson and Branko Sain presents recomendations on how to enhance communications planning through new integration and media neutral planning techniques (open planning) linked to Integrated Marketing practice. The paper is based on best practice research in charity and commercial sectors, including NSPCC and National Trust. More
04/08/2005 The tailor may not be tailoring its communications Case Studies When a brand like Gieves and Hawkes communicates individually, it should demonstrate the noble art of tailored relevance. More
04/08/2005 Guidant has been investing in its most important comms medium Case Studies When your sales people are the top medium, the brand manager should think about coaching as a communications enhancement tool More
04/08/2005 Harley don't just integrate comms, they integrate the business Case Studies Legendary Harley Davidson have built their brand performance on company-wide integrated marketing More
04/08/2005 Direct takes the lead in integrating the National Trust Case Studies The direct team took a lead in developing the brand signature helping to integrate Britains' favourite membership organisation. CODAR shows their planning strategy More
04/08/2005 Health and beauty brand Weleda integrate brand and culture Case Studies Weleda is a small 'pure products' brand competing against giants. Strong products and culture mean that they naturally put integrated marketing into practice and win superloyal customers More
04/08/2005 Universal communications: the key to the new method Reports and White Papers This paper for the financial services industry outlines key principles of the new communications method and how CODAR helps to make them work More
04/08/2005 Marketing Society e-nugget on CODAR and universal planning Reports and White Papers Our survey of 200 brands shows that universal planning is one of the keys to success. This paper explains how and why this is set to revolutionise marketing comms. More
01/04/2005 Amazon: bonding customers with technology Case Studies Amazon’s interest in technology is in how it delviers customer value. Their method involves best practice in integrated marketing and customer management. More
01/04/2005 Harley-Davidson: Organisation Led Integrated Marketing Case Studies Anyone literate in Marketing is likely to respect the marketing achievement of Harley-Davidson in its marketing transformation from a no-hoper to one of the great brands of the Western world: an achievement that began not with agencies but with employees. $100 invested in Harley stock in 1986 was worth slightly more than $7,000 by the end of 1998 and the company continues to succeed. This was achieved by a revolution across the organisation centred everyone on re-invigorating the brand and its promise of value. More
26/06/2004 Implementing Integrated Marketing: Seeboard Energy Case Study Case Studies This paper by Jenkinson and Sain was published in an academic/practitioner Journal describes the 18 steps to integrated marketing as evidenced at this award-winning energy company, now part of EDF Energy. More
01/06/2004 NSPCC integrates: FULL STOP Case Studies NSPCC’s Full Stop mission aims to stop cruelty to children within a generation. The whole organisation is aligned to this goal. It is Integrated Marketing at its best and practice across the agencies also illustrates the new media neutral 'Open planning' methodology. More
24/05/2004 Boots No7 - intelligent media planning Case Studies This case study identifies how adding mail media helped Boots launch a new cosmetic more effectively than using the traditional TV-dominated approach. More
24/05/2004 DIALOGUE: Creating value through marketing communications Reports and White Papers Communications that remain unopened, unseen, and unheard convey a message of poor attempts to communicate. This short newsletter item discusses Ballantyne's ideas on communications More
12/05/2004 The nature of the whole - newsletter item Reports and White Papers Holism is a term that was coined in 1926 and is better known through it’s derivative term, ‘holistic’, which is widely used by people endorsing the interconnected big picture. However, an exploration of its original and common meaning shows that even it falls short of the aspirations of integration. This short think piece by Angus Jenkinson discusses the nature of holism, systems thinking and wholeneness More
05/04/2004 Advances in Communications Optimisation for CRM and IMC Reports and White Papers This research-based survey of the concepts of CRM and IMC recommends a new tools-based approach to communication planning and evaluation utilising a common currency that not only blends the best of both worlds but also transcends their differences. It was prepared in support of an international academic conference at Warwick University in 2004. More
02/04/2004 Open Planning: media neutral planning made practical Reports and White Papers Research findings, see also This paper summarises a number of findings from one of the largest and most distinguished hybrid practitioner/academic research groups into media neutral integrated communications and presents many detailed and practical findings. More
01/04/2004 AA - Driving a new mix of value Case Studies The AA travel watch planner is a challenge to marketing and marketing communication theory, showing the way to a fusion of 'product', 'service' and 'communications' concepts. More
26/03/2004 Wylie: WRC: The FIA World Rally Championship Case Studies Synopsis of presentation by Adam Wylie, 23red, at Centre for Integrated Marketing Conference, 2004. See the related presentation. More
26/03/2004 Adam Wylie: WRC presentation Presentations Presentation by Adam Wylie of 23red at the Centre for Integrated Marketing Conference, 2004 on how WRC moved from a fragmented series of races to an integrated media and entertainment brand. This also eliminates an interesting relationship between agency and brand More
24/03/2004 John Grounds, NSPCC Director of Communications at CFIM conference March 2004 Presentations NSPCC was the Centre's Integrated Marketer of the Year, 2003. This is a transcript with selected illustrations of the speech at the Centre's Spring 2004 conference. It highlights how the NSPCC achieves brilliance and integration in its communicaitons but also ranges over the wider dimensions of integrated marketing, incluing the FULL STOP campaign More
17/03/2004 Sparkle Series: WRC ‘When brands become media owners’ Case Studies How a flexible and synergistic network of companies delivers the World Rally Championship brand experience to half a billion enthusiasts More
01/03/2004 The new communication principles Reports and White Papers This very brief but well-researched paper lists 18 key actions/policies for top management to implement optimised communication planning More
26/02/2004 WRC on track to being a top sports entertainment brand Case Studies How a flexible and synergistic network of companies delivers the World Rally Championship brand experience to almost a billion enthusiasts. More
26/02/2004 Australian integrated communications project, Daniels and Kaub Presentations An interesting example by DDB in Australia of an integrated project. Re-designing the product and customer sales process was key to success. Presented with permission More
20/02/2004 Millfield Partnership - integrated marketing powers the fastest growing IFA network Case Studies Millfield Partnership is an excellent example of a business that creates differentiation and competitive advantage from the top down More
09/02/2004 Streetka, a newborn start shines over the old brand Case Studies StreetKa is a highly attractive convertible evolution of the Ford Ka. The car has been designed to convert the perception that Ford “got this boring, old, fuddy-duddy image”. More
06/02/2004 IDM communicates - Clutter? What clutter? Case Studies The case shows how the creative use of CRM and graphic design technologies transform a mailing into something special More
30/01/2004 IBM - e-business as global integrated marketing Case Studies After its near death experience in the 1990s, IBM, recovered status with the help of a colossal, sustained exercise in Integrated Marketing. And in developing e-business as an idea they invented a new form of marketing. More
23/01/2004 IBM - A new model for IMC Case Studies IBM UK implemented a new customer focus structure for its IMC department responsible for all marketing communications. The result is better communication, better learning and better results. More
09/12/2003 Challenges to achieving competitiveness Reports and White Papers List of barriers to communication success. More
09/12/2003 A fragmented world Reports and White Papers Identifies the dysfunctions of today’s marketing and makes the case for integration. More
09/12/2003 Unified Communications Thinking Reports and White Papers This short paper by Jenkinson and Sain of the Centre for Integrated Marketing captures the core principles for an integrated approach to communication. More
02/12/2003 How a client and agency easily manage to be disintegrated Case Studies The mode of working between client and so-called integrated agency often leads to very poor integrated planning. The problems are power, money and old thinking. This automobile industry case documents an example. More
02/12/2003 In praise of MNP Reports and White Papers This preliminary paper published in CIM's Critical Marketer (2002) argues that marketing communications need bold thinking to meet today’s challenges, and that media neutral planning is the forum of the future to get us there. More
14/11/2003 MNP Propositions: research findings Reports and White Papers Between fourth-quarter 2003 and first quarter 2005 a group of senior marketers worked with the Centre for Integrated Marketing to identify key principles for the new media neutral integrated communications. These propositions were identified and agreed as part of the research programme. More
06/11/2003 The Automobile Association: How a big idea put the AA back together Case Studies This case study explores the importance of a strong and coherent organising idea that works across the whole organisation. In 1993 the AA launched an advertising campaign based on the strapline: the 4th emergency service. This campaign achieved considerable recognition, but it also proved to be dysfunctional in one key respect: it was not true to the whole organisation. More
03/11/2003 Lush, the scent of success Case Studies Passionate commitment and clarity of values ensures Lush communicates a coherent brand message that bonds customers and their friends to the brand. More
12/09/2003 Principles for the new communication planning Reports and White Papers 18 principles identified by the MNP Best Practice Group for successful media neutral integrated communication planning. These are presented without discussion More
15/05/2003 Sainsbury's - Little Ones Programme Case Studies The Integrated Marketing excellence achieved at Sainsbury's aims to enhance value for brand and customer by communicating relevantly to a high value customer community. More
01/04/2003 Lush, the Scent of Success, by Jenkinson and Sain Case Studies This case study explains how Lush uses its store as its prime communication medium. It therefore emphasises reality media as part of the customer experience mix in integrated marketing. More
10/03/2003 Specsavers - an innovative integrated marketing business model Case Studies Specsavers Optical Group has grown into the fifth biggest optical retailer worldwide through its clear, consistent, and simple business model. Which encourages Integrated Marketing. Honesty and motivation drives organisation success. PRINT Resolution. More
07/03/2003 SEEBOARD Energy: Integrated Marketing transforms the brand fortunes Case Studies Our Integrated Marketer of the Year Award for 2002 went to SEEBOARD Energy and archibald ingall stretton (ais) for this outstanding Integrated Marketing project that created more than £50 million net equity More
07/03/2003 Integrated Marketing: radical ideas for a new vision Reports and White Papers Inaugural Lecture by Prof Angus Jenkinson. Highlights the power of Integrated Marketing and argues for a radical rethinking of marcoms and marketing based on the Centre's research studies. More
21/02/2003 AOL - redefining marcoms Case Studies Using both a detailed study of AOL's mail media customer acquisition programme and a review of the history of advertising, this study recommends the new integrated approach to marketing communications planning. More
17/02/2003 i2 Technologies shows the way Case Studies i2 Technologies is a market leader in supply chain systems. Its vision serves as a powerful organising idea that integrates the business and inspires stakeholders. Print optimised version More
05/02/2003 Speech by Reimer Thedens, CEO of OgilvyOne worldwide Presentations Reimer Thedens chairman of one of the world's leading global agency networks. In this short speech he welcomes the launch of the Centre for Integrated Marketing and highlights why it is important. More
00/00/0000 A discussion of language in marketing communication Reports and White Papers In favour of an understood and consistent terminology in marketing communications. It proposes a clarification of concepts such as media, disciplines and channels More
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