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Page last updated: 21 September 2012


The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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15/05/2003 Sainsbury's - Little Ones Programme Case Studies The Integrated Marketing excellence achieved at Sainsbury's aims to enhance value for brand and customer by communicating relevantly to a high value customer community. More
01/04/2003 Lush, the Scent of Success, by Jenkinson and Sain Case Studies This case study explains how Lush uses its store as its prime communication medium. It therefore emphasises reality media as part of the customer experience mix in integrated marketing. More
10/03/2003 Specsavers - an innovative integrated marketing business model Case Studies Specsavers Optical Group has grown into the fifth biggest optical retailer worldwide through its clear, consistent, and simple business model. Which encourages Integrated Marketing. Honesty and motivation drives organisation success. PRINT Resolution. More
07/03/2003 SEEBOARD Energy: Integrated Marketing transforms the brand fortunes Case Studies Our Integrated Marketer of the Year Award for 2002 went to SEEBOARD Energy and archibald ingall stretton (ais) for this outstanding Integrated Marketing project that created more than 50 million net equity More
07/03/2003 Integrated Marketing: radical ideas for a new vision Reports and White Papers Inaugural Lecture by Prof Angus Jenkinson. Highlights the power of Integrated Marketing and argues for a radical rethinking of marcoms and marketing based on the Centre's research studies. More
21/02/2003 AOL - redefining marcoms Case Studies Using both a detailed study of AOL's mail media customer acquisition programme and a review of the history of advertising, this study recommends the new integrated approach to marketing communications planning. More
17/02/2003 i2 Technologies shows the way Case Studies i2 Technologies is a market leader in supply chain systems. Its vision serves as a powerful organising idea that integrates the business and inspires stakeholders. Print optimised version More
05/02/2003 Speech by Reimer Thedens, CEO of OgilvyOne worldwide Presentations Reimer Thedens chairman of one of the world's leading global agency networks. In this short speech he welcomes the launch of the Centre for Integrated Marketing and highlights why it is important. More
00/00/0000 A discussion of language in marketing communication Reports and White Papers In favour of an understood and consistent terminology in marketing communications. It proposes a clarification of concepts such as media, disciplines and channels More
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