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The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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01/04/2005 Harley-Davidson: Organisation Led Integrated Marketing Case Studies Anyone literate in Marketing is likely to respect the marketing achievement of Harley-Davidson in its marketing transformation from a no-hoper to one of the great brands of the Western world: an achievement that began not with agencies but with employees. $100 invested in Harley stock in 1986 was worth slightly more than $7,000 by the end of 1998 and the company continues to succeed. This was achieved by a revolution across the organisation centred everyone on re-invigorating the brand and its promise of value. More
26/06/2004 Implementing Integrated Marketing: Seeboard Energy Case Study Case Studies This paper by Jenkinson and Sain was published in an academic/practitioner Journal describes the 18 steps to integrated marketing as evidenced at this award-winning energy company, now part of EDF Energy. More
01/06/2004 NSPCC integrates: FULL STOP Case Studies NSPCC’s Full Stop mission aims to stop cruelty to children within a generation. The whole organisation is aligned to this goal. It is Integrated Marketing at its best and practice across the agencies also illustrates the new media neutral 'Open planning' methodology. More
24/05/2004 Boots No7 - intelligent media planning Case Studies This case study identifies how adding mail media helped Boots launch a new cosmetic more effectively than using the traditional TV-dominated approach. More
24/05/2004 DIALOGUE: Creating value through marketing communications Reports and White Papers Communications that remain unopened, unseen, and unheard convey a message of poor attempts to communicate. This short newsletter item discusses Ballantyne's ideas on communications More
12/05/2004 The nature of the whole - newsletter item Reports and White Papers Holism is a term that was coined in 1926 and is better known through it’s derivative term, ‘holistic’, which is widely used by people endorsing the interconnected big picture. However, an exploration of its original and common meaning shows that even it falls short of the aspirations of integration. This short think piece by Angus Jenkinson discusses the nature of holism, systems thinking and wholeneness More
05/04/2004 Advances in Communications Optimisation for CRM and IMC Reports and White Papers This research-based survey of the concepts of CRM and IMC recommends a new tools-based approach to communication planning and evaluation utilising a common currency that not only blends the best of both worlds but also transcends their differences. It was prepared in support of an international academic conference at Warwick University in 2004. More
02/04/2004 Open Planning: media neutral planning made practical Reports and White Papers Research findings, see also This paper summarises a number of findings from one of the largest and most distinguished hybrid practitioner/academic research groups into media neutral integrated communications and presents many detailed and practical findings. More
01/04/2004 AA - Driving a new mix of value Case Studies The AA travel watch planner is a challenge to marketing and marketing communication theory, showing the way to a fusion of 'product', 'service' and 'communications' concepts. More
26/03/2004 Wylie: WRC: The FIA World Rally Championship Case Studies Synopsis of presentation by Adam Wylie, 23red, at Centre for Integrated Marketing Conference, 2004. See the related presentation. More
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