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Page last updated: 21 September 2012


The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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Date Title Category Overview Link
01/01/2006 CFIM credentials Presentations A most immodest collection of positive statements about the Centre for Integrated Marketing by people who have worked with it. More
14/11/2005 Optimising Communications for Charity Brand Management Reports and White Papers The paper by Angus Jenkinson and Branko Sain presents recomendations on how to enhance communications planning through new integration and media neutral planning techniques (open planning) linked to Integrated Marketing practice. The paper is based on best practice research in charity and commercial sectors, including NSPCC and National Trust. More
04/08/2005 The tailor may not be tailoring its communications Case Studies When a brand like Gieves and Hawkes communicates individually, it should demonstrate the noble art of tailored relevance. More
04/08/2005 Guidant has been investing in its most important comms medium Case Studies When your sales people are the top medium, the brand manager should think about coaching as a communications enhancement tool More
04/08/2005 Harley don't just integrate comms, they integrate the business Case Studies Legendary Harley Davidson have built their brand performance on company-wide integrated marketing More
04/08/2005 Direct takes the lead in integrating the National Trust Case Studies The direct team took a lead in developing the brand signature helping to integrate Britains' favourite membership organisation. CODAR shows their planning strategy More
04/08/2005 Health and beauty brand Weleda integrate brand and culture Case Studies Weleda is a small 'pure products' brand competing against giants. Strong products and culture mean that they naturally put integrated marketing into practice and win superloyal customers More
04/08/2005 Universal communications: the key to the new method Reports and White Papers This paper for the financial services industry outlines key principles of the new communications method and how CODAR helps to make them work More
04/08/2005 Marketing Society e-nugget on CODAR and universal planning Reports and White Papers Our survey of 200 brands shows that universal planning is one of the keys to success. This paper explains how and why this is set to revolutionise marketing comms. More
01/04/2005 Amazon: bonding customers with technology Case Studies Amazonís interest in technology is in how it delviers customer value. Their method involves best practice in integrated marketing and customer management. More
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