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Title: John Singer on marketing networks
Date: 30/11/2006
Category: Reports and White Papers
Overview: Singer's approach probably enriches the concept of brand, moving it from an advertising idea to a business foundation. For example Microsoft is cited as a core for a network. Ultimately every organisation has a unique identity that arises out of its interaction with interlinked customer, supplier, societal and competitive/co-operative networks. Singer's purpose is to define the contours of a new marketing attuned to the information age, and to introduce the concept of marketing ecosystems as a new framework for competitive strategy. Singer found that there is a conceptual gap between thinking systems used by marketers to create novelty and demonstrate value, the “ground truth” of a saturated information environment, and the currents shaping major directional change in the world. Marketers adopt management strategies that consistently trail, rather than anticipate, technological change. The practical implications are that making strategic choices to compete between and within marketing ecosystems – system-level competition – is now an increasing focus of business strategy. The paper provides new metaphors to frame brand management for system-level competition, a new orientation to create novelty in marketing, and a new path to solve complex problems of marketing and sales performance. The paper introduces marketing ecosystems as an enabling concept for transformative thinking about competitive brand strategy. It acts as a counterweight to the dominant view of marketing that says customer targeting is a sustainable business advantage. The paper has value to executives in all industries who seek new ideas and better output from their marketing operations. See also: and

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