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Title: Integrated Marketing for Personalised Marketing Strategies
Date: 27/03/2008
Category: Reports and White Papers
Overview: This paper demonstrates integrated marketing solutions for direct, digital and CRM marketers that have broad relevance for IMC and Integrated Marketing.. Based on an extensively researched model of integrated marketing, it reviews five customer experience factors that form a single coherent driver of business success as well as the antecedent business performance characteristics that determine excellence in managing customer experience. It suggests significant practical changes for the practice of communication planning and evaluation, and further argues that the broad community of marketing leaders responsible for managing personalised relationships has acquired a body of skills and experience with considerable relevance to broader marketing best practice, organisation development and strategy in general. Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice (2007) 8, 319 335.doi: 10.1057/palgrave.dddmp.4350065

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