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Title: Integrated/Offensive Marketing Audit
Date: 31/01/2010
Category: Reports and White Papers
Overview: POISE IS: Profitable: The object of marketing is not just to increase market share or to provide good value for consumers, but to increase profit. Offensive marketers will encounter conflicts between giving the consumer what he or she wants, and running the firm efficiently. One of their skills is to reach the right balance between these sometimes opposing elements. Offensive: An offensive approach calls for an attitude of mind which decides independently what is best for a company, rather than waiting for competition to make the first move. Integrated: Where marketing is integrated is permeates the whole company. It challenges all employees to relate their work to the needs of the market-place and to balance it against the firmís profit needs. Strategic: Winning strategies are rarely developed without intensive analysis and careful consideration of alternatives. A business operated on a day-to-day basis, with no long-term marketing purpose, is more likely to be a follower than a leader. Effectively executed: No amount of intelligent approach work is of any use without effective execution. Effective execution is not just a matter of good administration by marketing people. It is also vitally dependent on the relationship between marketing and other departments, and how far common strategies and objectives exist.

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