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Page last updated: 21 September 2012


The Centre for Integrated Marketing has published many papers, case studies and presentations. Here you will find a selection.

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Date Title Category Overview Link
00/00/0000 A discussion of language in marketing communication Reports and White Papers In favour of an understood and consistent terminology in marketing communications. It proposes a clarification of concepts such as media, disciplines and channels More
09/12/2003 A fragmented world Reports and White Papers Identifies the dysfunctions of today’s marketing and makes the case for integration. More
05/04/2004 Advances in Communications Optimisation for CRM and IMC Reports and White Papers This research-based survey of the concepts of CRM and IMC recommends a new tools-based approach to communication planning and evaluation utilising a common currency that not only blends the best of both worlds but also transcends their differences. It was prepared in support of an international academic conference at Warwick University in 2004. More
20/09/2012 Beyond Segmentation, Angus Jenkinson Reports and White Papers 1994 paper by Angus Jenkinson outlines the basics of loyalty-based database marketing and community based segmentation More
17/03/2009 CFIM Bibliography Reports and White Papers An edited selection of books and papers that have been influential in our work. Sadly there are probably as many not included as included. More
09/12/2003 Challenges to achieving competitiveness Reports and White Papers List of barriers to communication success. More
27/07/2007 CODAR, IMC and Touchpoint Planning - methods and NSPCC practice Reports and White Papers The challenge with IMC is how practically to do it. This important paper by Prof Angus Jenkinson ("Evolutionary implications for touchpoint planning as a result of neuroscience: A practical fusion of database marketing and advertising") describes a practical approach, with applicability across all channels. More
24/05/2004 DIALOGUE: Creating value through marketing communications Reports and White Papers Communications that remain unopened, unseen, and unheard convey a message of poor attempts to communicate. This short newsletter item discusses Ballantyne's ideas on communications More
18/10/2006 Executing Peak Performance Reports and White Papers This short discussion by Prof Angus Jenkinson is part two of the discussion begun in the paper Leadership, Change and Peak Performance. Here describes key steps for executing peak performance, principally around understanding and developing a unique value capability of the organisation. More
28/03/2008 Forum for the Future Reports and White Papers The mission of Forum for the Future is to accelerate the building of a sustainable way of life,taking a positive,solutions-oriented approach. Sustainability must be an element of integrated marketing More
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